Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Family update

I really suck at blogging! I don't do it nearly often enough. It's been 7 months or so since I last wrote. We moved back to Utah in March 2010. We have been living with our business partners, Tony and Barbara Krashowetz. Barbara left us and returned to her Heavenly Father in December. We really miss her. It's not the same here without her.

The kids had fun playing machine pitch (Katie) and t-ball (the boys) last summer. Kaitlyn said it's not for her so she won't be playing again, but she finished out the season. The boys definitely want to play again. They loved it!

Kymbrie is potty trained, as of November, and we are loving a diaper-free life. We are trying very much to change that, though. I asked the kids if they want a brother or a sister, and they all said "Both!" so we are hoping we can have twins.

Kaitlyn has been living in Boise this school year with her biological father and his family. It's been hard letting her go. She comes back to visit and she's moving home at the end of the school year.

I started knitting and crocheting again. I have made 14 hats and I am working on one right now. I will take some pictures. There are pics of my nieces wearing their hats on facebook! I have traveled quite a bit in 2010. I have had so much fun watching my kids grow and learn. I almost started homeschooling them, but Barbara got sick and I had 4 of their kids for a while, and it was not a good time to take that on.

Clint has been traveling a lot and he went to Japan in December! He felt really tall. :) It was a fun experience for him. We want to take the kids eventually. Business is going really well! If you want to learn how to slow aging in a legitimate, scientifically proven, peer-reviewed and published way, go to www.lifevantage.com/100060 and watch the 9-minute ABC Primetime Special that starts automatically. It will change your life! I know it has changed mine!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Kymbrie is such a funny girl. She wants to be like her big brothers and sister so much! She told me Sunday that she needs to be baptized. She has started potty training herself, and she tells us, "I'm gonna be a big girl so mom can have a baby." She's decided if she's not a baby anymore, there will be room for a new one. She is very tall. She looks, talks, and acts more like a 3-year-old than a 2-year-old. She's still very much a daddy's girl. When he's home, I don't exist. It's okay, though, because they need to make up for the time he's gone.

Kaitlyn played her first softball game last night. It was machine pitch, and she got ahold of a few of them! She played catcher and first base. She didn't get a hit, but she got a few fouls, and I know she'll get better as she practices.

Kaitlyn's baptism

Kaitlyn was baptized on June 5th, 2010 by her step-dad, Clint. It was a really special day, that started out really awful. Let me explain:

The night before, Kaitlyn's dad and aunt called to say her aunt's family was sick and couldn't make it. Her uncle was going to confirm her, and her aunt was giving the closing prayer, so we had to rearrange that. The next morning I realized the person I had down as giving the opening prayer wasn't coming so I found a replacement for that.

Then about 1 1/2 hours before it was supposed to start I got another phone call from Kaitlyn's dad. His other sister, who was supposed to give a talk, couldn't come. Their brother had driven off with her car keys in his pocket, and she had no way to get to Brigham City. Our good friend, Barbara, stepped up and put together a talk in an hour, while getting herself and her 8 kids ready.

To top it all off, there was a standstill on the freeway, and at least half of the guests were late. We got started half an hour late, but it went really well after that. Katie was so sweet. She told me she was nervous, so I told her to say a little prayer and it would be all right. She got baptized and came back into the locker room she told me, "I was really nervous before, but now I just feel good."

We had lunch after with a lot of family and friends. It was really nice, and we had fun.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Braedyn's Christmas present

This last Christmas, we opened presents, had "Christmas dinner" for lunch, and took the kids to the movies to see Madagascar 2. We had our 4 and my mom's 3. My parents, my sister and her husband went to a grown up movie. Since their movie went later, we took 2 cars, and we were gonna take the kids home in my mom's van.

On the way out, Clint said he would go get the van and I waited with the kids. Braedyn went with his daddy. Clint pulled up looking freaked out, jumped out and said Braedyn was bleeding and he fell. I took Braedyn inside to clean him up and Clint loaded the kids in the van. Braedyn's bottom lip was split because his teeth cut through his lip, it was huge, bruised and swollen, and as I cleaned off the blood I saw that two of his teeth were knocked loose and hanging at a funny angle.

I knew we needed to get him to a doctor, so I went out of the bathroom and called my sister's phone and told her to send my mom out. Clint had come inside to see what was going on. My mom saw Braedyn and said "Let's go."
She dropped us off at the ER, which was right next door (Yeah!), and she kept the other 6 kids. They gave Braedyn Tylenol with Codeine, and he fell asleep because we were waiting FOREVER. My sister and her husband stayed with us to take us home, and my parents took the kids home in the van.

He had to have 2 stitches in his lip, and he did it without numbing it, cause the doc said giving the injection in the site hurts worse. He barely even cried, and he sang the ABC's with me to take his mind off of it. It was so cute, we were all tearing up. They left his teeth and said to take him to a dentist in the morning.

We went to the dentist the next day, and they did x-rays. His teeth had been knocked out of the socket and pushed to the side, so they had to come out. The only thing holding them in was the gums. They gave him 3 shots in his gums to numb them. He hated the shots! His mouth still wasn't numb, but he didn't want any more shots. I asked him if he wanted to let the dentist try to pull them out anyway and get it over with, or if he wanted more shots to make his mouth numb. He said go ahead and do it, and she pulled his teeth out without his mouth being numb! All he did was whimper a little!

He was on a soft foods diet for a few days, but he didn't like that and started asking if he could eat dinner with us, so I let him. His mouth has healed up just fine, but he has a big hole where two teeth should be. The dentist said that the trauma could delay when his adult teeth will come down, so he could have this gap for a few years!

Hair cuts!

Braedyn cut off his sister's ponytail last week when we were in Utah. We had to have Rileigh cut her hair short all over after that, so now it looks like a layered 'bob.' I was so sad! She's still beautiful, but hopefully it doesn't take too long to grow back! :)

So, the next Saturday, Xander got ahold of his dad's beard trimmers and shaved huge patches out of his hair, so we had to buzz him bald.

It's been a bad week for hair at our house!

New update

Clint is part of a new business. We are totally psyched, because this will literally make us rich!

I will have my Bachelor's Degree at the end of October! Yeah!

My kids are being kids. Katie will be 7 this Saturday. She has a crush on half the boys she meets, and she KNOWS she's a princess. She has been teaching herself multiplication. She LIKES to learn!

Braedyn is still spunky as heck, and we are 99% sure he has ADHD like his dad, but they won't even diagnose it until he is 7. He's the kid we always have to keep an eye on or he'll do something like cut his sister's ponytail off.

Xander has outgrown his shyness for the most part. He has really come out of his shell and now he is a rowdy, fiesty 3-year-old boy. He is really bonding with Clint completely, which is so great, because he needs a stable father figure in his life.

Kymbrie is almost 16 months. She walks and she says new words every day. She is so cute, and has her dad totally wrapped around her finger. She is completely enamored with him as well. She has curly hair, which I love. I never thought I would have a curly-haired kid, cause my hair is SO straight.